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Apply to UNC for Free!

To inspire more future students to earn a college degree, University of Northern Colorado is excited to host Free App Days on October 1, December 1, February 1, and April 1 each year. Beginning Fall 2024, UNC Free App Days are open to students applying to undergraduate or graduate programs of study! 

Free App Days offer a fantastic opportunity to apply to college and save money. To get started, create your application and enter the fee waiver code UNCFREEAPPDAY. Complete and hit submit before 11:59 MST and we'll waive the $50 fee. It's that simple! For students applying to graduate or professional programs that require a CAS application, we are unable to waive CAS application fees. 

Reach Your Full Potential

UNC is committed to putting students first. Our hope is that efforts like these serve to remove barriers and also motivate students to take the next step in earning a college degree so they can pursue quality and affordable education, develop valued skillets and join the 91% of UNC graduates who secure employment before or within 6 months of graduation.  

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Do I qualify?

All applicants - first-year freshmen applicants and transfer and second-bachelors applicants and graduate applicants — qualify for Free Application Day! 

How do I apply?

You just need to enter the fee waiver code UNCFREEAPPDAY and submit your admissions application on October 1, December 1, February 1, or April 1 to be eligible for the fee waiver. Start your online application, save your work and submit it anytime that day before 11:59 p.m. MST.

Become a Bear!

Apply to UNC through the Bear App

Enter the UNC app fee waiver code: UNCFREEAPPDAY


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Use Common App only if you are a current high school student or high school graduate who has not attended a college or university since graduating. 

In our UNC member questions section, enter UNCFREEAPPDAY as your app fee waiver code 


Next Steps After You Apply

After you submit your application, you'll receive access to your student admissions portal where you'll find your personalized checklists to complete your application. Your student portal is also where to find your admission counselor's contact information and, once available, your official admissions decision.

Mark your Calendar for December 2023 when the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will open for all students. Submitting the FAFSA early gives students the best access to grants, scholarships and work-study positions to help pay for college so it's important to file as soon as possible. If you don't qualify for federal financial aid, you may qualify for state aid through the Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA).